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Wall Bushing
Wall Through BushingBACK


The wall-through bushing is used for support and isolates the place where the corona electrets bus bar gets through the ESP shell. Therere two types of them according to the structure: assembled bushing and bare porcelain body.

The assembled wall-through bushing consists of porcelain body and metal accessories. These two parts are combined by Portland cementing or the thermal-resisting gluing. Elastic pad and buffer layer are used between the porcelain body and metal accessory to prevent loosening. It helps to guarantee the mechanical strengths.

 a, C795 (>95% Alumina, suit for working temperature <500);
 b, C610 (>55% Alumina, suit for working temperature <350);
 c, C130 (>45% Alumina, suit for working temperature <250);

 Production according to GB, IEC, IS etc.
 Working temperature: 150 to 500.
 The working voltage: 72kv to 110kv.
 Compressing withstand Load 500kN.
 Glazed brown RAL 8017 or grey ANSI 70.

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