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Shaft Insulator
Shaft InsulatorBACK

The shaft insulator is used for the rapping of discharge electrodes, acting as the role of rotation and isolator.

The shaft insulator assembled with the cast iron flanges by Portland cement or high temperature resisting gluing. A buffer layer is put on for the purpose of preventing loosening and turning from the end so the mechanical strength is guaranteed.


       a, C795 (>95% Alumina, suit for working temperature <500); 
       b, C610 (>55% Alumina, suit for working temperature <350);
       c, C130 (>45% Alumina, suit for working temperature <250).

Production according to GB, IEC, IS etc.
       Working temperature: 150 to 350.
       The working voltage: 72kv to 110kv.
        Glazed brown RAL 8017 or grey ANSI 70.

Withstand torsion strength 2 kN.m

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