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Support insulator for electrostatic precipitator is used for sealing and high-voltage insulation of the place where the suspension of the hanged frame of discharge electrode gets through the casing of the electric field. 

According to the out-looking features of the products, therere three types: cylindrical, conical and abnormal shape insulators.

According to the working circumstances, we suggest our customer to choose the different material to ensure the ESP's stable running. Suggestions as following: 

    Material C130(Alumina>40%) Working temperature:<250;

    Material C610(Alumina>55%) Working temperature:<350;

    Material C795(Alumina>90%) Working temperature:<500;

Other features of our products:

High tension, High duration and High resistivity to the complicated working circumstances.

The rated working voltage: 72kv to 110kv.

Compressing withstand Load 500kN.

For C130 & C610, Glazed brown RAL 8017 or grey ANSI 70. 

For C795, Usually unglazed, Polished inside and outside only.

Production and Test according to GB, IEC, IS etc.

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